Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Gate Biotechnology Preparation Tips

Gate Biotechnology Preparation Tips

Here we share some strategy to crack GATE with a good rank. If you study well, with a good plan and your own strategy you need not join any GATE Biotech Coaching for Gate Biotechnology Exam.
First and foremost work is to go through the GATE Biotech 2019 syllabus and write the topics and subtopics in a diary so that you can have a checklist of what you have completed and revised. You may think this is a waste of time but it is actually NOT!! The reason is that you will be aware of what topics you have completed and whether revision has been done or not. Also mention the no of times you did revision. Test series plays an important role to boost your confidence and give a real GATE exam experience. When you are done with a subject preparation you may start with the part tests. Most of you would be wondering which test series you should join.
During Preparation Focus on the areas of interest of GATE. You see similar questions being asked in GATE Biotech. Do get command on those types of questions. Neglect those things which are there in the syllabus but don’t come now a days. 
During Gate Exam Firstly, solve those which are very easy and quick to solve. Then, you solve those which you know how to but takes a longer time. At last, solve those questions which are difficult to solve and you need to apply option elimination, or any kind of strategy but you need to solve and never guess or mark wrong options just for the sake of luck to get it right.
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