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GATE Preparation Tips For Biotechnology 2018

GATE Preparation Tips For Biotechnology 2018

Only when you complete the syllabus and revise the syllabus again and again you will be able to get the best points to be noted in exam point of view. You must prepare yourself in such a way that you are able to answer all kind of question. only the well prepared candidates will make it past the qualifying stage. Take a look below on the simple but detailed steps on how to prepare for GATE Biotechnology 2018.

Preparation Tips for GATE 2018

1- Begin the preparation
2- Know your GATE 2018 Syllabus, Exam Pattern thoroughly
3- Know the Weightage of Topics in GATE 2018
4- Make your Study Plan for GATE 2018
5- Strengthen your concepts and calculations
6- Revise and evaluate yourself at every step

What to remember while planing your GATE 2018 Preparation plan?

  1. Check the past year papers and exam analysis.
  2. Divide the Topics broadly into Strong, Weak and to be read properly.
  3. Keep daily, weekly and monthly targets.
  4. ensure you have a clear view of what is to be studied.
  5. Make Short Notes while you study as this is will be helpful during revision.
  6. Write down Formulae that you find difficult to remember so that they are handy for revision.
  7. Don’t wait for completing a portion of the syllabus. Start practising with test papers as soon as you done with a section or topic.
  8. Keep the solved problems separately indexed so that you can refresh and revise later when required.
  9. Revision is important but analysis is much more important. You should know where you stand in terms of your preparation at every stage as then you can improve where needed to march towards success.

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