Friday, 6 April 2018

How to start preparing for the GATE 2019?

It’s great that you have decided start your GATE preparation really early. There is no such thing as shortcut or magic trick to this. Get a copy of GATE syllabus for your stream of engineering. If you intend to join a coaching class for GATE, then you will have access to focused study material and tests as well as a competitive atmosphere. Once you have finished a subject, solve all the previous years GATE questions from the subject. Form a weekly schedule for revision so that you always remain in touch with the topics you have studied. Join a good test series and start attempting the tests in a time bound and disciplined manner. After each test, note down your mistakes and try to rectify them. If you feel that you are loosing focus anytime during your preparation, take a break, remind yourself of your goals and then go back to your study table. 
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GATE is not only the GATEWAY to higher education like M.E / M.TECH or research from premium institutes like IIT’s / IISC but also the only way to get jobs in PSU’s. so, it is very much important that you should prepare for GATE and try to crack it. Not only government jobs but the private jobs also give weight and preference to candidates having a good GATE score, if they are interviewing candidates for core jobs. Koshika Academy is the best GATE Biotechnology Coaching Center in Lucknow, INDIA. The faculties are excellent and they guide you topic wise with proper concept. They provide study material and the test series. 

Here are few tips on how to crack the examination and score full marks:

  1. Set your goals – Different goals have different strategies and hence it is important to define your goals in terms of the rank you want to achieve. If you are aspiring for the top IITs or PSUs, you will need a rank of less than 1000 and hence you will have to prepare thoroughly on all topics. On the other hand, if your goal is to just qualify, then you can afford to leave out 2-3 topics from your preparation.
  2. Take a diagnostic test – Before starting your preparation it is important to know your initial level of competence.  An analysis of your performance in this test will tell you your strengths and areas where improvement is required. Based on this, you can device your preparation strategy.
  3. Build your concepts – GATE is an exam which tests concepts as well as their application thoroughly. Join a good classroom program or a online tutoring program which will help strengthen your concepts.
  4. Practice makes man perfect – As the old adage goes, there is nothing better than extensive practice. Solve all types of questions you come across in various books and be prepared on all question patterns
  5. Familiarize with formula – Engineering subjects have a lot of formulae, which more often than not have to be memorized. Noting down all formulae as and when you finish each topic or referring to a collection of formulae will help you get familiar.
  6. Focus on high-return topics – Engineering Mathematics and General Ability constitute 30% of the total marks and are relatively easier to score in. You could look at some online lectures to prepare in these topics.
  7. Appear in a Mock Test Series-– Take up a mock test series as it will help you adapt to the online pattern. It will also help you assess your preparation and based on the test analyze you can focus on areas that you are weak in and can prepare those areas. It will also give you exhaustive practice on different types of questions
  8. Make your own exam strategy –Based on your experiments in the mock test series, you can fine tune your own exam strategy. Some people like to start solving a paper from the first question, while some people like to glance through the entire paper and start answering questions from their areas of strength.
  9. Relax before the exam – One day before GATE, stop thinking about it. Watch a movie or anything that relaxes you. Appear for the exam with a fresh mind.

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