Friday, 25 August 2017

How to crack GATE ??

How to crack GATE ??

The basic reason why We are writing this is because we know where student wrong and what could have carried me to better positions..

  1. Make your goal clear So its the first and the most important thing to be focussed. ..
  2. Make a proper schedule before starting the preparation of the examination.
  3. Go through the syllabus of the exam mentioned in the Gate brochure.
  4. Group all the relevant books for the subject. They should include the books for Fundamental and basic concepts as well as for specific problems, guide books for GATE and previous year question papers.
  5. Make notes for faster revision.
  6. Go through the previous year question papers and try to solve them. This will help you know where you stand.
  7. preparing from the initial topics i.e. the basic ones and note down the basic concepts (definitions, unit, dimension etc.) as well as necessary theories, formulae etc.
  8. Try to apply your own logics and tricks in solving problems and note it down so that you don't forget them because it will save your time in the examination hall.
  9. Finally, go for tests based on whole syllabus and if necessary take help of others in conducting tests.
  10. One month before the examination you should keep on revising the course as many times as possible so that on the day before the exam you will be prepared enough to crack the exam.

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